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Devin McPhillips
Research Associate
Department of Earth Sciences
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY
devin [dot] mcphillips [at] gmail

Tectonic Geomorphology, Geochronology, and Orogenic Systems

My research is focused on understanding the the processes that shape mountains, especially near Earth's surface. I develop and apply geochronologic tools to measure kinematics, exhumation, erosion, and surface uplift. In particular, thermochronology and cosmochronology complement the sedimentary record in upland regions. They also provide an opportunity to track material through the orogenic system, starting in the crust, through hillslopes and stream networks, and ending in depositional basins. Past and present work emphasizes the linkages between climate and tectonics and the processes that support high topography, including orogenic plateaus. I typically combine thermochronology and cosmochronology with field work, GIS, and numerical modeling in order to understand the evolution of orogens and orogenic landscapes at multiple temporal and spatial scales.


A recent News and Views article highlights our work on landslides:
Quake, Rumble, and Roll. doi:10.1038/ngeo2297